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Goals I'm Going to Smash in 2020

2020 – bring it on. 2019 was rough but it made me a (hopefully) tougher person, and I’m ready to smash my goals and be more aligned with my dream self. I know it’s a cliche to say “new year, new me” but it’s a cliche for a damn good reason – because there’s nothing fresher than a fresh new year. And yes, I might be a *little* late in posting these seeing as we’re always halfway through January, but it’s still January so that counts, right? Anyway, here are my goals for 2020!

jumper: boohoo or missguided.. Sorry can’t remember! / skirt: boohoo / boots: new look / bag: killstar / necklace: glavil by TuTuHa / earrings: forgot, soz!

Experiment with (easy) hairstyles

It’s a well-known fact that I, Lizzie, am terrible at hairstyles so I want to make my life nice and easy by experimenting with nice and easy hairstyles! I’ve already got 4 staple styles that I can now do, but I’d love to try out more no-heat ones. 

Try tanning

“You’ve been gal for how long and you haven’t even tanned?!” I know, I know… But I want to try out self-tanning more in 2020, especially in the summer months! There’s a big chance that it might not suit me so I’m going to opt for a more gradual tan. 

Find comfort in my gyaru style

I’ve never doubted myself as much as I did in 2019 when it came to gyaru, so 2020 I want to be more confident and comfortable with my style. I want to break out of the mindset that I have to fit in a particular substyle in order for it to be regarded as gyaru, which will mean spending less money on gyaru brand and buying things locally. 

And here my other non-gyaru goals for 2020!

Travel more

I wanted to add this goal again because I had so much fun travelling last year! I want to do more day trips this time instead of spending a lot of money abroad, especially because there are so many pretty villages and towns in the U.K. I’ve still got York on my mind, but I’d love to go to Bath and more places in the Cotswolds.

Experiment more with photography

I want to experiment more with my poses and the way we shoot outfits, like Isobel and I did when we went to take these photos used in this post! It had rained earlier on in the day and I noticed that there was a nice reflection in the large puddle, and I want to do more shots like that. I’m not very good when it comes to posing so hopefully playing around will push me further out of my comfort zone!

Waste less + eat more veggie meals

We are so bad when it comes to throwing out food we have forgotten, so I want to be more conscious of that and make sure we use everything we have in the fridge before going out to the shops again. I’ve been eating vegetarian lunches 4 days a week in 2019, and I want to extend that to 5 days and have some vegetarian dinners as well. The only problem is finding something that will fill us up – especially my hubby!

To not stifle my passions

I know it sounds crazy but… I’ve always felt embarrassed when I say that I absolutely love dressing up and going out to take photos. It’s one of my favourite things to do but it’s something I feel that I can’t really admit to my friends. But this year I want to embrace that this is what I love doing, and to stop trying to throw myself into other hobbies just because I feel like this particular one isn’t hobby-worthy.

That’s all for 2020! What are your goals for this year?

Lizzie xx

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