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GO!GO!→Goals for 2021!

Hey cutie, and happy new year! I originally wanted to dress up to celebrate the new year but instead I’ve spent the day being super lazy and binge watching the Discovery of Witches haha. But today I thought I’d write up some goals for 2021! I’m really hoping this year will be kinder to me than last year (which you can read about over here).

Okay, let’s go! 👌

Bake + cook more

Ever since baking gingerbread biscuits and toffee apple crumble for Christmas, I’ve been feeling more motivated to bake! I’ve already started looking at some super easy recipes and I can’t wait to share my results with you all. I also want to start cooking more Asian dishes (especially more Chinese dishes) and vegetarian stuff!

Super casual I-don’t-give-a-damn blog posts

One of the biggest things to happen in 2020 was that I had completely thrown out the “blogging rulebook” and started to blog like I used to back in the day. And omg I love it. I feel so wild and free and the pressure of having to create perfect content in order to fit in with the blogging community is just so refreshing. I’d love to continue writing suuuuuper casual posts and post whenever I want to and just have fun with blogging again! My new motto is “blogging like it’s 2010” tehehehe. 

Do more creative projects

I’ve always thought that drawing was the only way to be creative but to be honest… Even blogging, creating YouTube content, designing cute graphics for this blog is all very creative and it’s something that I need to realise! So instead of telling myself to “do more illustration to be creative” I’m going to say “do more creative projects” instead! 

Pick up my Chinese (again)

I want to start learning Chinese again! I tried this last year but then I stopped after August because I was feeling really down about my progress 😢 but I need to tell myself that small progress is still progress, and to stop beating myself up about it.

Build up my himekaji wardrobe

It’s going to take me some time but I really hope to become an everyday himekaji gal by the end of the year, and if not, to at least juggle that with casual gyaru style. My winter wardrobe is pretty much there but now I need to build up on my spring and summer! I’m so excited 💕

Travel (as much as I can)

I have nooo idea what travel restrictions would be like in 2021, but I’m hoping to travel much as I possibly can! Even if it’s just a day trip to a nearby town, I just really miss exploring somewhere new. I would also love to share my adventures either on here or on my YouTube channel!

And there we have it! I decided to keep my goals really minimal so that I don’t overload myself. Taking baby steps ❤️

What are your goals for 2021?

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