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♡ GO!GO!→Goals for 2022! ♡

Hey cutie, how are you? ♡ Today I haven’t really been doing anything apart from quickly going to Primark to pick up some essentials and read webtoons ww but then I started thinking about my goals! I wasn’t sure at first what goals to have and wasn’t going to do them but I like having something to aim towards. So here goes! ♡

Stop taking things personally
Unfortunately this is something that I do a lot of at work because I’m quite sensitive to other people’s emotions and sometimes worry if I had done something wrong when in fact it’s just that they had a bad day or whatever. So yeah, I need to stop taking things so personally!

Do at least 5 minutes on the exercise bike every day
Me and my husband bought a fold-able exercise bike just after Christmas (while it was on special offer tehe) and I want to get into a routine where I can hop on the bike for around 15 minutes a day while I watch YouTube videos. Even 5 minutes will be good enough!

Finish off my hand-lettering projects
I’ve got sooooo many projects that I started over the past few years that I never finished, such as my 36 days of Type and my 100 Days of Goodbye. I really hope to complete these by the end of February so that I can start thinking of new projects.

Read before bed
Yeaaaaah so… I have a nasty habit of going on my phone before bed haha, so I’m going to try and read some self-help books (I can’t read non-fiction because otherwise I’d want to stay up to finish the whole thing). Hopefully this will help my sleeping pattern as well as help me not to rely on the internet so much as a source of happiness.

Keep track of my wins
I have a habit of just waiting until the end of the year to reflect all of the good things I’ve achieved – this year, I want to jot them down as they happen! This will also help me see the positives in my everyday life.

Keep on doing hime gyaru
I’m so glad that I actually tried out hime gyaru properly back in… Was it… June? (I can’t remember but I wrote a blog post about it). I want to keep continuing doing hime gyaru! So that I am himekaji for the every day, and then hime gyaru for special occasions.

I want to also really quickly look at how I did for 2021 instead of writing a separate post about them!

Bake + cook more – lol yep this didn’t happen haha
Write super casual posts – achieved!
Do more creative projects – hmmm a bit so/so with this one
Pick up my Chinese (again) – …
Build up my himekaji wardrobe – yep! Almost an everyday himekaji!
Travel as much as possible – loooool thanks c*vid

Wow I did so bad in 2021 hahahaha

And that’s all for this post! I have tried not to overwhelm myself with goals this time. I hope I can achieve them!

What are your goals for 2022?

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