30 Things Every Agejo Gyaru Should Have

I was originally going to do “30 Things Every Gyaru Should Have” but that would’ve been too broad, and since I’m really interested in Agejo I thought I might whittle it down to that substyle! I am by no means an expert and there could be many things more than what’s on the list. These are just what I think are the agejo gyaru staples. So here goes! Feel free to comment below if you have any more things to add.

30 things every agejo should have
  1. False eyelashes, perhaps the staple item every gal should have!
  2. Circle lens (optional)
  3. Make up products like eye liner, eye shadow, lipgloss, mascara, foundation… The list can go on!
  4. Hair curlers and rollers as they are both perfect for sujimori hairstyles and that big hair look.
  5. Hair straightener for days you wanna’ just chill out and relax
  6. A good makeup remover
  7. A casual agejo outfit for your agejo day at home
  8. Ageha magazine (or downloaded magazines which you could get from vvshu or zasshiko)
  9. At least one MA*RS coord. MA*RS is the agejo gyaru brand after all.
  10. Sexy underwear for that instant feel-good, erm, feel?
  11. Suspenders or suspender tights. MA*RS do really cute ones but you can also find some on eBay
  12. Cute over-the-knee or thigh-high socks. Same as what I said above
  13. False nails or gel nails
  14. A classy black handbag to go with *nearly* all of your coords
  15. Cute heels
  16. Nice heeled boots for autumn and winter
  17. A faux fur scarf for that uber sexy and glamourous appeal
  18. A good shopping service for all of your gyaru needs ❤
  19. A black blazer to make coords look more professional (who says you can’t do agejo at work/uni/college?)
  20. Cute/sexy nightie or pyjamas
  21. A fancy hostess-style dress
  22. Gorgeous accessories to complete your outfit
  23. A pair of classy sunglasses/shades
  24. Pretty patterned tights
  25. Soft and cuddly hoodie that preferably has ears (mine has rabbit ears and I love it so much)
  26. A go-to lippy and mascara to keep in your handbag for emergencies
  27. A good eye lash glue because it’s not pretty when your lashes are hanging off the corners after an hour or so
  28. Some purikura for memories!
  29. A beautiful coat to complete your agejo coord (must be warm too for those horrid winters)
  30. A pair of flats for when your feet ache from the heels at meets

Most of the items on the list could be carried across to other substyles of gyaru such as numbers from 1 – 8, so it’s pretty adaptable! Looking back at it most items could be done… Maybe I should’ve stuck with the whole “30 Things Every Gyaru Should Have” idea…

Hope you had fun reading it! I guess this is also a sort of wishlist for me, so hopefully I can be able to own everything on the list (a girl can dream…)

Talk soon!

Lizzie Bee xx // facebook / twitter / instagram / bloglovin’

P.S. I took inspiration from F Yeah Lolita’s “30 Things Every Lolita Should Have” and from Mana Starre’s Himegyaru list, but sadly that Himegyaru list has disappeared! ;_;

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