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5 Bloggers You Need to Check Out

Bloggers make the world go around. They’re people/places that I can always rely on for an honest review and provide such an infinite amount of inspiration to kick anyone out of the blogging slump. Here are 5 of my favourites, and I’m really happy to call some of them my friends (ew, super cheesy). In all seriousness though – you need to know these blogging babes, and here they are…

Holly at Holly Loves the Simple Things

This blog is serious photography goals. Ever since I started wanting to move from taking outfit shots in a mirror to on a DSLR I’ve been stressing about the fact that I’m still too chicken to go outdoors to take photos. And that’s when I found Holly Loves the Simple Things; she has shown me that it’s totally fine to take outfit photos indoors, and is really creative with her shots. Her posts are equally creative where each one tells a story, and I love her ‘sod off’ attitude when it comes to people staring at her when taking outfit photos.

Helene at Helene in Between

I cannot say how much Helene at Helene in Between is an inspiration to me and without her I probably would’ve given up blogging a long time ago. That’s not me being dramatic, but is 100% the truth. I was going through a very dark stage in blogging when I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere and I kept comparing myself to other successful bloggers, and then I watched one of her videos and BOOM I was reborn. I am working harder to become my best self and to ignore those depressing thoughts that I will never be good enough as a blogger. Big shoutout to her ‘Grow Your Blog’ series starting with ‘How and Why to Create Foundational Content‘ which I’m loving right now.

Jordan at Hello Miss Jordan

Hello Miss Jordan was one of the first blogs I stumbled upon when I decided that I wanted to be more involved in the fashion scene, and it blew my mind. There’s always a story in every post and her photos are amazing, which are two things that I have been working on all of my blogger life. Her travel posts are both incredibly inspirational but also makes me cry with jealousy (especially this one about her spending time in a chalet in the mountains). She’s definitely at the top of my favourite bloggers list as not only is her blog amazing, but she’s super sweet as well and replies to comments (something quite a lot of popular bloggers forget to do which is a bit sad).

Mitsu at Universal Doll

Universal Doll was the reason why I wanted to try harder to be a gyaru blogger, and has been a long favourite of mine to read over the years. Her gyaru posts are incredibly insightful and it’s always been my point-of-call when it comes to knowing what’s currently going on in the gyaru world. Forget magazines, I just need to read Universal Doll! One of my favourite series from her has got to be the ‘Emiri’s Tell All‘ which translates Aizawa Emiri’s life as a hostess and an Ageha model. Another favourite of mine is ‘The Gyaru Magazine Encyclopedia‘.

Victoria at Parfait Doll

This blog is one of my favourite blogs to read when it comes to Japanese fashion. While I may be into Gyaru and not Lolita, you just can’t not enjoy reading it! There are so many useful articles that could apply to Japanese fashion in general, so if you’re into all things kawaii you should definitely check her out. I absolutely love one of her recent posts ‘But Being a Lolita is HARD!’ as it’s so relatable to any alternative fashion scene where we are not regarded as ‘normal’. Aside from her amazing blog, she’s also one of the sweetest people I’ve ever spoken to which matches her super cute style.

And there we have it! I cannot recommend these blogging babes enough.

Who are your favourite bloggers? Let me know in the comments below!

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