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I might have said this a million times on my blog already, but gyaru makes up a huge part of my life. I don’t do the makeup everyday (because of allergies and eczema etc) and so I treasure gyaru meets. I realise that some of you are quite new to this blog and probably don’t know what I’m on about (“what the hell is gyaru, Lizzie?”) so in this post I’m going to show you what a day in the life of a gyaru is from the last meet I went to.

The week before

Set up a group chat with Wib, Rachel, Laura, Sarah and Maz to figure out the best times to meet. We’re going to be spending the day in Birmingham Sea Life (so exciting) so we decide to meet up at New Street station, grab some food from Chinatown before walking there. I can’t wait! The last time I saw everyone was before Christmas so I can’t wait to see them again. I already have my outfit all planned out so I’m more prepared than anything.

The night before

I am so not prepared. Panic ensues. I have no idea what I’m going to wear as the outfit I was going to wear isn’t going to work because DAMN YOU STORM DORIS. I’m chucking out all of my clothes onto the bed and taking pics as I try on different outfits to see what the other peeps think. In the end I picked out my cute pink MA*RS hoodie, MA*RS top and jeans because yay agejo vibes. Wish I could wear a skirt though but it’s going to be too cold for that…

The day of the meet – 8.30

Wake up, grab my phone, and check the group chat with sleepy eyes. Maz and Sarah can’t make it (sad face) but there will always be another time to see them. Send Wib my address and then scroll through Twitter and Instagram for some inspiration.


Still in bed but made the promise to myself that I’ll get up no later than 9.00.


Still haven’t gotten up, oops.


Okay now I’m up and ready to get ready! Brush my teeth, freshen up my face, pop my contact lens in and now it’s time for the gyaru transformation.

agejo gyaru, ma*rs, my melody

lizzie bee, gaijin gyaru

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Wib rocks up looking super cute in Co&Lu and we head off to catch the train. Luckily we have plenty of time because the train is being delayed (typical). We’re chatting about having the disadvantage of not having nice coats to go with your outfit (#gyaruproblems) as it’s absolutely freezing outside. Luckily I have my cute unicorn umbrella to go with my outfit.


Aaaaaaand we’re finally here. Laura and Rachel haven’t arrived yet so we grab a cup of tea at Caffe Concerto. Cute selfie time because oh my gosh the lighting in here is amazing. Reapply makeup and tidy hair that had been ruined by the wind.

uk gyaru selfie


What was even the point of doing my hair? It’s now raining pretty heavily as Wib and I make our way to Kyoto Sushi & Grill to meet Rachel and Laura there. Luckily it’s not too far away and everyone soon arrived. Let the gal meet commence! All you can eat sushi? Yes please!

uk gaijin gyaru


Arrive at Sea Life just before they stopped letting people in (phew) and all I can say is thank goodness for Uber. The guy at the till asks if we were going to a fancy dress party – I reply that nope we were just dressing fancy.


The penguins in here are so cute! There was no way we are going to get a group photo here so instead we’re going to have one taken of us against the green screen before starting our Sea Life tour.


Sea Life was amazing! Everything looked so pretty and they had that 360 thing at the end where sharks and fish could swim overhead. Being the silly gyaru we are, we couldn’t help but notice the shark’s vagina as it rested on the glass above us. There was also a massive turtle which was so majestic! We tried to get a group shot but the guy was clearly in a rush and took photos of us when we weren’t even ready, so I can’t share that on here (sad face).


Ew, rain. We’re now back in the Bull Ring after sheltering in Costa for a bit to check out Forever21. I love that shop so much but I’m holding back from buying anything. We’re going to mooch around in H&M, Disney and Superdrug in a bit to see if they have anything interesting before grabbing some food from Ed’s Easy Diner.


Time to rush for the train home! I had such a nice time and wished I could stay for longer, but I felt myself getting a little tired… So I’m writing the rest of this post on the journey home with Wib in between some political discussions. Yes, we gyaru do care about politics too!


It’s so good to be home. We’re going to take a bunch of selfies on SNOW – have you peeps ever used this app before? It’s a bit like snapchat and it’s so adorable and makes you look 1000x cuter.



And so ends my day in the life of a gyaru post. Despite not doing it all of the time I feel like my batteries are recharged and I am inspired all over again. Just because we’re gyaru doesn’t mean that we don’t do normal everyday things, we just dress a little differently that’s all. Long gone are the days we could do things like parapara and taking purikura, but we’ve still managed to find the time to have fun and evolve with the things that don’t exist anymore and that’s what I love about our little corner in the gyaru community.

Until next Sunday! If you have any questions about the fashion and what we do, don’t hesitate to ask! ♡

Lizzie Bee xx

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