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A New Direction? Mermaid Princess!

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Life has been quite… Hectic for me lately. I’m going through an emotional roller-coaster at the moment which was triggered by my stupid eye. To cut the story short; my eye went poop and my self-esteem went down. Thank goodness I have really supportive friends! I don’t know what I would do without you peeps.

This has really affected the “gyaru me” because gyaru is very make-up orientated, but I took this chance to look at other Japanese fashion styles. I haven’t pinpointed the one I like yet but I’m loving pastels and mermaids and general magical stuff lately! I went shopping with my friend Amy last weekend and bought this super cute mermaid blouse & pastel pink jeans, and I wore it to her birthday party.

So here goes… A new me! (Maybe?) I’m calling this my mermaid princess look tehe.

Blouse: Hell Bunny @ Blue Banana / Jeans: Forever21 / Shoes: eBay / Bag: My Melody @ Dreamy Bows / Necklace: Kittys Kawaii Cases / Other acc: Primark & Claire’s Accessories

I skipped out on putting on lower lashes or any makeup on the lower parts of my eye, so I stuck on some gems to make it look more interesting. It feels a bit weird… I’m not used to not doing gyaru! I do love the detailing of this blouse, especially with the seashell stitching on the collar. My friend Amy created this mermaid necklace which my whole outfit was based around (thank you, Amy!)

Here are my current inspirations for this new direction that I’m heading towards!

Andi Autumn
Emilia (Pastelbat)

I thought about this whole issue and I’ve finally made my decision… It’s going to be very tough but I’m going to take a break from gyaru while my eye heals and instead I’ll opt for “natural” makeup and other Japanese fashion styles. My eye needs a break, and I’m going to eat honey every day and use coconut oil on the skin to speed the process!

Don’t worry I’ll never leave gyaru, but I’m going to switch between that an natural makeup, and your support would mean so much to me please wait for me until I get better! I have a post lined up with gyaru makeup that I did before my eye got worse, so that’ll be posted soon!

Wish me luck I’ll see you next Sunday!

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