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小悪魔ageha July 2006 scans☆

Hey cutie, how are you? ♡ It’s been aaaages since I shared some scans with me, but my bby Miyu sent me a message saying that she did some scans for Ageha 2006 and I just HAD to do a blog post about it! (╯✧▽✧)╯

So no, I don’t own any of these scans, they’re from Miyu who runs GAL REVO on fb/insta! Please follow them! ♡♡

Anyway, here are my favourite scans from this issue ♡

This looks like Shizuka Muto… ? Maybe??? I love her hair!

And this looks like Yun!

Omg I love seeing dark-haired-and-tanned gals ;; super inspiring!!! ♡♡

A goddess!

So this was the image Miyu sent me beforehand and I knew it was going to be an amazing issue! ♡♡

So happy to see some hime or hime-inspired looks!

What can I say… Us gals love designer!

Or wait…Maybe this is Shizuka???? Gosh I have no idea haha!

I loooove the combination of the longer tops with jeans and high heels! Gives a casual outfit such a classy twist.

This page is not helping my bag obsession haha

And there we have it! Which scan was your fave?

Please support Miyu’s insta and fb where they upload loooooads of gyaru mag scans.

Speak soon ♡♡

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