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Agejo in My Heart

I picked up the MA*RS set that had been sitting on my “to sell” pile for months and sighed. I’ve been thinking about selling this heart-print set for a while now but for some reason I couldn’t seem to let it go. The agejo style slowly diminished in my wardrobe ever since I adopted ane agejo, a more toned-down version, and so I sold most of my older prints. This one was one of the very few pieces I had left that belonged to the old school agejo style and some part of me sighed in relief when I slowly put it back into my wardrobe.

I’ve started to cherish my old MA*RS items when I looked at their newer collections and almost cried in dismay. The agejo style has well and truly died and is replaced by frilly hems and cute lace overlays. While I do love the direction MA*RS has gone, it isn’t agejo anymore. The only hint of agejo we get is through brands like DaTuRa but even then it’s ane agejo at most…

So I found myself wearing this old-school set to the bubble boba masterclass, and again when my hubby and I went out for lunch for some bibimbap (and more bubble tea). It felt as if I was slipping back to the old me again (albeit with not-so-curly-hair) and I loved it! It was quite chilly so I paired it with my MA*RS cat hoodie and some over the knee boots. I wish I had more pictures to show you! I made a promise at the beginning of the year to wear more agejo, so even though this post is short and sweet, I’ll definitely be wearing this outfit again in future.

What do you think? Do you like these smaller outfit posts, or long thought pieces accompanied with outfit pictures?

Lizzie xx

(For those wondering what agejo is – it’s one of the more sexier styles of Gyaru fashion, which you can read more about here).

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