Agejo Trends: MA*RS Spring Collection

It’s been a year since I decided to pursue the agejo-gal style, can you believe that? I can’t. I actually had to flick back through my Tumblr just to double check that I wasn’t going mad… Sunday 4th Feb I wrote that post. Just over a year ago. Wow. I’m not quite sure how to celebrate it and I’m sure I will do another post on it soon, but for today I’m going to talk about the new MA*RS catalog! I don’t really talk about catalogues and new stock that much – if at all – on my blog, so it’s nice to have a change. Would you like me to talk more about these things in future? Comment below please!




1. Black, Pink, White and cream. These are still the main colours in MA*RS although they have somehow made it look more ‘spring’ with the dramatic and lighter patterns. It looks like they are still carrying on with their grey marl colour as well but this isn’t as dominant as the others. Perhaps this is the beginning of MA*RS aiming towards older gals?

2. Detailed Prints. Zebra print is slowly making it’s way back as one of the main spring trends as seen in the ‘Valentine Pants’ which is great because this happens to be one of my favourites! I absolutely love their new zebra & jewellery print (“Ornament Print”) that they’ve brought in. It seems that MA*RS hasn’t entirely converted to a more onee-gyaru approach, and is still strongly set within agejo.

3. High-Waisted “Jumper” Skirts. Wow these skirts are so adorable! They really add to that cute appearance, which is definitely good for those who like hime/hime kaji. I can actually see this appearing in local stores.

4. Suspenders/OTK socks. They’re socks are still a key factor in their outfits but it seems that they aren’t as dramatic as normal as they are missing their signature fuscia bows.

5. Large Handbags. The handbags are leaning more to the medium-larger size and look very chic! Looks like they are doing more and more ‘plainer’ styles for that really elegant appearance. This will be perfect for agejos at work!

Overall, I think MA*RS is leaning more towards older ladies (‘older’ as in mid-late twenties) but it’s still workable for a younger audience because of the dramatic prints. I’m dying to buy their Ornament Print, and that jumper-skirt!

That’s all for now, beautiful people. Until next time!

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