All Hyped Up: Hyper Japan Festival 2016!

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If I had to choose between all of the conventions in the world, it would have to be Hyper Japan. It’s the perfect place for all those Japan-lovers out there whether you’re into fashion, “kawaii” culture, food, manga, or just Japan in general… They have everything you could possibly imagine. I can’t explain how excited I was for it – I’ve spent the previous month figuring out what to wear and organising everything. I also bought those Sailor Moon nails I’ve been eyeing up from my last blog post, and couldn’t wait to pair it with my new MA*RS dress! Pssst, I’ll be doing a review on the nails very shortly.

The event was held at Olympia this time round (much better than last winter’s) so all of the stalls were back to back and I didn’t have to walk for miles to go from one place to the other. It was super hot at the venue and it felt like I didn’t have enough time to visit each and every stall, however I did have plenty of time to catch up with friends! I saw so many people there and it made me miss being able to travel to London on a whim. What made me really happy was that a few people approached me saying that they read my blog and followed me on instagram/fb. It was the happiest feeling ever and I’m so glad you read my blog!

I brought my DSLR with me so that I could get used to snapping photos, but my love was taking most of them as 90% of the pictures were of me and my friends. Whoops! Maybe I could have more practice the next time round.

Hyper Japan Summer 2016
View from the second floor – it was so packed and there was even more on the second floor!
Japanese tea leaves
Japanese tea leaves
japan, japanese accessories, doll
Cute Japanese dolls & charms
Japanese bonsai trees
Stall with cute lil’ Bonsai trees! They look so ethereal
artbox, japanese, kawaii stationery, sanrio
Super cute Sanrio stationery! I had to fight back every bone in my body to stop me from buying everything haha
roxie sweetheart
Roxie Sweetheart – I love her artwork so much and her Gothic Fairytale collection is getting me so excited for Halloween!
dreamy bows, sailor moon, hyper japan
Sailor moon section at Dreamy Bows – I’m in heaven!
dreamy bows, kawaii fashion
Rosanna & Wai-Yi are always so flawless and cute!
my melody, kawaii fashion
My bby Melissa looking adorable in My Melody gear!
fairy kei, agejo, gyaru
Charlotte looking amazing in fairy kei! I look so dull in comparison ^^”
Me, Sarah & Sapphire! They’re so lovely!
UK gaijin gyaru
UK gyaru squad! Wish I had more time to hang out with these cuties… Maybe next time!
Tofu cute UFO catcher
I love Chewiee so much! She always makes me laugh tehe
With my bby girl Amy!

Despite the heat being a bit overwhelming at the venue, I’m so glad that it’s finally hot in the UK. It’s time to take out all of our cute clothes and sunnies and moan about how hot it is. I absolutely love it when it’s hot especially because, y’know, it’s summer, it’s supposed to be hot! Although I’m stuck on what to do for my makeup when it gets way too hot as no doubt I’ll sweat it all of… Some friends suggested things like hydrating mist, but I’m worried it’ll attract mosquitos! How do you keep your makeup looking flawless in the summer? Or do you skip it? And to those who wear false lashes – how do you keep them on? The last time I wore falsies when it was super hot they melted right off haha!

Until next time, cuties! I really can’t wait to go to Hyper Japan again. Fingers crossed it will be at an equally as good a venue as Olympia was! ♡

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