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Hey cutie, how are you? ♡ My brain is mush at the mo as I’ve just woken up from a nap (yep, I know… I probs shouldn’t have a nap after 5pm lol) but today I want to talk about my lil’ shopping date with my bestie, Amy!

We decided to meet up early to do a lil’ bit of shopping in Primark as I wanted to start looking at things to get for my friends for Christmas. And guess what???? I just ended up buying things for myself ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ I bought some garlands for our staircase as well as a gingerbread mug. I would’ve taken some pictures but I am lazy so… maybe I’ll take a photo of them next time haha.

We then went to Boots to look for some makeup and omg the shop was pretty much empty! There were hardly any makeup in stock so we gave up in the end. We mooched around Tiger and New Look and I found some more things that I wanted but I was good and didn’t buy anything.

Then it was time for lunch at Wagamama!

Isn’t she so cute ♡

Finally managed to get some makeup from Superdrug! I bought a new Primer and blusher as I’m in the middle of getting rid of all of my old makeup. Then I got some more Christmas stuff from Poundland.

More pics ♡ AmzyBee ♡

I will probs talk more about it in another post but I decided to go for a cosy himekaji look with my new faur fur coat from Yumi! It’s definitely my “safety net” style. I always feel so comfy in it ♡

Autumn himekaji coord
Autumn Liz Lisa coord
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♡ coat: yumi (gifted) ♡
♡ sweater + skirt: liz lisa ♡
♡ boots: ebay ♡
♡ bag: missguided ♡

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  • Lala
    November 7, 2021

    Love ur blog keep it up 😇

  • Lynn
    November 7, 2021

    Aww love your look sm😍💕

    • Megane Gal Amyh
      November 9, 2021

      Omg I’m freaking out about the strawberry blush!!!! So cute!!!
      I love your co*de, looks so cozy!!! Are you wearing thighs? If so, which kind are them? I want some warm thighs so I can wear my MA*RS stuff without freezing!

      • hellolizziebee
        November 10, 2021

        Thank you so so much!! And yes, I’m wearing thermal tights and then another pair of skin coloured tights on top. I got them from ebay!

    • hellolizziebee
      November 10, 2021

      Thank you bby! <33