AmzyBee lunch date + GETS

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Had lunch with Amy today before going shopping 💕

Today’s gets – bought a mickey mouse top, inspired by my popteen boom 💕

Going to spend the rest of the day chilling at home and maybe doing some lego or something…. Have a lovely rest of your day! 🥰

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  • Rae
    April 8, 2023

    I love the Mickey Mouse shirt!! It’s gonna be so cute for spring and summer 💗

    • hellolizziebee
      April 8, 2023

      Gosh ikr????? Can’t wait to do loads of co*des with it!! 💖

  • Natsumin
    April 11, 2023

    You’re always so super cute!! I love this Popteen mood 😀 I hope to see more!! ><