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Blogs to Read this April: Meet My Advertisers!

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Happy new month! You know what this means… Another month of wonderful blogs to read! I openly welcome all sense of normality (especially with all of the stuff that’s been happening in the world) so allow me to introduce you to this month’s advertisers…


What can I say? This gal sponsored me last month and she is a Japanese fashion blogger. Her style is so creative and her post about how she feels that she is sometimes ‘failing’ at jfashion really resonated me as it’s something that I often think about myself. She also gives a voice to the Black jfashion and kawaii styles and shares photos of her super cute outfits. 

Sweet Allure

Allow me to introduce you to Tarnya – also known as T! Her blog is sprinkled with adventure and reading about her Scotland road trip made my heart twinge with excitement (and also sadness) as I was due to go on a Scotland roadtrip myself before the C thing happened. She also shares her experiences of travelling by coach and suggests small ways to make your money go further.

Em’s World Blog

Emma is also a returning sponsor and she blogs about all things lifestyle, such as her thoughts about the current pandemic was really heartfelt. She also shared some tips for working at home (which is super important right now) as well as sleep hygiene – something that I’ve never heard of before!

Bryony Baker

Bryony is a lifestyle blogger and I’m so proud of her being so open about sexual health in her “Contraceptive 101” series, and I loved this post which covers everything you need to know about the contraceptive patch. She writes about mental health too such as how to look after it during isolation, as well as sharing blogger insights on the things she wish she knew when she first started blogging.

And there we have it! Have you read these blogs before? Which ones are you going to check out?

Lizzie xx

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