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April 2020

btw – this post contains affiliate links

Sooo this is my first round-up post ever on this blog, but hey, always up for shaking things up and trying something new! April has been a, well, interesting month (with this whole Covid-19 thing that’s been happening) and I thought that doing a lil’ roundup will be a good way to document what’s been happening. So here goes!

Personal Thoughts

This month I spent a lot of time thinking:

This time last year I did…
This time last year I went…
This time last year I wore…

And it really got to me.

I just kept comparing all of the happy memories I’ve made, the holidays I went to, and the cute outfits I wore when I knew that at the back of my mind I shouldn’t really compare, especially because of this pandemic that we are in.

So instead I tried to make the best out of the worst situation; I bought a new backdrop and a ring-light for my blog photos, and started saving some ideas on Instagram on how to take photos at home. I started talking to other gyaru a lot more on my socials, did “remote-twinning” with Kelsey, and went on instagram live with Reila… Two things I never thought about doing before!

I also made the decision to make this blog a lot more on-the-go and casual and batted away the thoughts that these posts were “pointless” and ignored everything I knew about SEO. I just want to blog because I wanted to record my outfits and thoughts, which was what my original intention was with this blog.

And I feel so much happier!

Fashion Favourites

It’s as if my gyaru spirit has woken up from it’s slumber because I’ve fallen head-over-heels in love with animal print again. I’ve been really stepping out of my comfort zone when it comes to fashion and have gone for more bold prints and casual wear – a far cry from my usual cutesy coordinates! Here are some of my fashion favourites from this month (please note: these contain affiliate links so read my disclaimer for more info):

April Highlights

Duets with the gyaru comm – I’ve been really active on TikTok for the past couple of months, and have been filming so many duets with my gal Kelsey! I also did a “full house” video with a few of my gyaru friends and I had so much fun. Can’t wait to do more!

IG Lives with Reila and Rachel – I went onto IG Live to do my makeup and dress up in himekaji with my gal Reila, and another with my QueenE sis Rachel! I was a bit nervous for both of these as I’m not really good in front of Live videos and just videos in general (before you say anything… TikTok is different okay). I regret not doing it sooner though, and would love to do more of these with other gyaru!

Remote twinning with Kelsey, Reila, Risa and Rachel – As well as doing IG lives and Tiktok duets, I also did some remote twinning with these gals where we tried to match outfits or substyles! I loved doing this and want to do more in May!

Books I’ve Read

Percy Jackson series – I loved this series when I was younger, and so it was nice to delve back into those books and fangirl over all of the Greek mythology references. 

Snot Girl – my bestie Amy treated me to the first issue of Snot Girl and omg! I! Love! It! So! Much! It made me want to be a better blogger and to not get so bogged down by what others think. This is my space and I can do whatever I want with it!

Posts I’ve Written

How to deal with online hate when wearing gyaru – I interviewed Kelsey and we talked about how to deal with online hate when wearing Yamanba, one of the early forms of gyaru.

Growin’ and glowin’ – A post that I should’ve written back in March about how amazing Grow & Glow is and how I want to find myself again in the blogging world and start doing it more casually and – hopefully – earn money!

Offbrand himekaji – I’ve been thinking a lot more about offbrand and how you can be gyaru without having to buy brand, so I put together a little outfit and shared some clothes that I found online to help people get into himekaji!

Today I tried… kogal! – I had another go at one of the earliest forms of gyaru, kogal! It was so much fun and reminded me of the days where I would wear this kinda’ outfit to MCM Expo.

How to style a denim skirt – Another one from my ‘1 item 5 ways’ series, this time focussing on the numerous ways you can style a denim skirt!

Blogs to read this April – Another month, another list of blogs to read! These lovely ladies are my sponsors for the month and I’m so glad to have them on my blog.

What have you been up to this month?

Lizzie xx

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