April sheet mask roundup ☆

ad – post includes items given to me from Masktime ♡

Hey cutie! How are you? ♡ I received a lovely pack of sheet masks from the ever-so-wonderful Masktime (who you might have seen me mention a lot over on this blog) so I thought I’d do a lil’ sheet mask roundup for this month.

Here’s my unboxing that I did over on my tiktok!


@masktimeuk very kindly sent me some skincare goodies! 🥰❤️ #koreanskincare #kbeauty #asmr #oddlysatisfying

♬ Renai Circulation – Kana Hanazawa

And without further ado – here are my quick reviews! ♡

Oerbeua Radiant Mask Shiny Vitality It’s Crystal Clear

Oerbeua Radiant Mask
Shiny Vitality
It’s Crystal Clear

Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤
Okay, so the weird thing is… I now love this mask. I tried this out last month and it was a bit on the dry side but this time it had a surprising amount of moisture – so much so that the moisture was constantly dripping down my neck! Super weird. Anyway, I felt super refreshed afterwards, and I kind of want to buy this again to see if the next one will have just as much moisture.

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Eye Mask Night

Eye Mask Night

Rating: ❤
I was… Not a fan of this one. It didn’t really do anything for me and there was a bit of a tingling/burning sensation when I had it on. It’s quite pretty, but it’s not one that I would try again.

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Dr.Gloderm Eye Mask Night

Double & Zero
My Sweet Macaron Mask with Red Fruits

Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤
This one had SO MUCH moisture! It was so good! I can’t remember anything else other than that haha (sorry!)

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Candy O’Lady
Cake Holiday Mask

Rating: ❤❤❤
Not really much to say about this one to be honest – it was just a nice sheet mask! So I’m giving it 3 hearts.

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Peach Hand Pack

Rating: ❤❤❤
I’ve only tried a hand mask once before so I was really curious to see if this will help my eczema. Usually I just get eczema because of the cold weather but over the past few years it’s just been lingering constantly which is kinda sad but… What can you do? Anyway, it was obvious that this was a peach variant because BY GOSH did it smell of peaches, and it was divine. It felt kinda’ weird to be sitting there with wet hands inside of the mask but it was kinda’ smooth afterwards. If only my hands were like that the next morning but they were back to their very dry selves.

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MASK TIME Pink Bunny Head Band

Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤
And, of course, I wanted to write a quick sentence about this adorable Pink bunny Head Band! I use it all of the time now (I switch between this and my leopard print one) so I’m going to rate it 5 hearts!

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And that’s my lil’ sheet mask roundup for April! Thank you so much once again to Masktime for giving me these sheet masks to try out ♡

Have you tried any of these before?

What do you think?

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  • Leia
    April 21, 2021

    Actually I never tried those masks, so it was a really interesting post! I’m in love with the macaron mask I want to try it so bad 😭💕💕💕 thanks for sharing your review, I can’t wait for the next post!