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Recent GETS! A/W Himekaji Haul!

My Himekaji Gyaru Haul for Autumn/Winter

Hey cutie! How are you? This is just going to be a super quick post today because I want to share with you my recent himekaji haul. If you haven’t seen it, I wrote in a previous post that I want to persue my dreams of being a himekaji gyaru and my goal this winter is to be cute and fluffy! So I decided that I needed to buy some new things to get me through the winter, but I made sure that each item is super versatile and can be worn in many ways (because I can’t afford to get an entirely new Liz Lisa wardrobe *sobs*).

Most of these items are secondhand which I bought through FB and Depop. And then everything else was from eBay! Yep, I’m determined to be a budget gyaru haha.

One of my favourite items is this old-school Liz Lisa dress from around 2010 (I think). I can’t wait to wear it properly! But the government announced yesterday that we’re going into our second lockdown so I don’t know when I’ll next be able to wear this…

I also created a YouTube video about my haul where you can see the items in more detail, and I also tried them on! Sorry I don’t really have any pics…

Anyway, hope you have a lovely rest of the day/morning/evening/etc!

Lizzie xx

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