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Aya Hoshino Inspired Outfits!

Aya Hoshino (from the manga/anime Super Gals!) gave me the confidence to do gyaru in my own way; she had dark hair, wasn’t super tanned, and yet was still gyaru! She’s my no.1 gyaru inspiration and today I want to share with you some Aya Hoshino inspired outfits that I’ve done.

Shop ’til You Drop! Shibuya109 with Ran and Miyu!

Aya Hoshino loves pink and cute things just as much as I do! The skirt was secondhand on Depop and I absolutely adore wearing it (and I wore it together with a cute crop top from my previous post). This could easily be worn on a date or for a shopping trip with my gals!

top: in the style (secondhand) / skirt: in the style (secondhand) / shoes: quiz / belt: ebay / jewellery: tesco I think? Can’t remember sorry!

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Gals on the Road to England!

The perfect outfit for those hot and sunny days! This yellow and blue floral dress really reminded me of Aya as I noticed that she wears a lot of yellow clothes throughout the manga. I’ve never really worn yellow before (I think this might be my first item in yellow?) so it was quite out of my comfort zone. She would definitely wear this when the whole group goes to England!

dress: boohoo / hat: ebay / trainers: new look / bag: primark

Tropi-GAL! Beach day with friends! 

Could there BE anything more gal than a tropical print? As soon as I saw this tropical print maxi I knew I had to get it. I am cheating a little bit because I wore this outfit last year on my trip to Malta, but I would love to wear it again and maybe go for a different pair of shoes (as well as a different hairstyle)!

dress: boohoo / lace jacket: no idea sorry! / sandals: primark

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An Endless Summer – Date Night with Otohata!

Although this isn’t exactly the same as the manga scan, this outfit gave me serious Aya Hoshino vibes (as she was very much the onee-gal out of the Super Gals! trio). She would definitely wear this on a date with Otohata-kun! I’m excited to see where their relationship goes in the new manga series although there aren’t any English translations yet… 

dress: rady / belt: ebay / shoes: quiz / jewellery: muse and new look

Check Mate!

This check has such a 90s feel and also reminds me a little bit of Clueless! I wonder what kind of films Aya likes…?

dress: forever21 (I think… or maybe new look) / socks: primark / bag: primark / shoes: sweet soul shop

A Love-Struck Gal!

The perfect outfit to win the heart of Otohata-kun! I felt really cute and pink in this, and I’m so happy to have found a dress that was similar to Aya’s! My only regret is not finding a cute pair of shoes to wear with this… Maybe I should wear it again so that I can update this post!

dress: miss selfridge / trainers: new look / socks: primark / jewellery: misc

I had so much fun putting together these outfits! Aya Hoshino has always been my biggest gyaru inspiration (which is why some outfits are from last year) and I can’t wait to do more coordinates!

Which one was your favourite Aya Hoshino-inspired outfit?

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Lizzie xx 

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