Baby Steps to Hime Gyaru!

hime gyaru, gaijin gyaru

This was going to be a post about my Christmas celebrations but seeing as I haven’t taken any photos… Well, that’s not going to happen but I do have a photo of my outfit and my face to make up for it! I tried out hime gyaru because I finally managed to get my hands on a Princess Melody dress. It was really short (you could see my butt cheeks) so I bought a skirt to go underneath it.

hime gyaru coord

Dress: Princess Melody (replica)
Skirt: Spreepicky
Heels: Dorothy Perkins
Acc: Ruby Rose & MA*RS

hime gyaru details

gyaru nails, hime gyaru nails, christmas nails

When I was doing some inspiration-searching for hime style I realised that it’s probably easier for me to try out hime gyaru rather than hime kaji because it consists of a lot of pink! I’m going to try to incorporate hime into my agejo style, and my inspiration for this is Himena Ousaki. If you don’t know her, she’s basically the epitome of hime gyaru. Here are photos of her doing hime gyaru and agejo.

himena ousaki, hime gyaru, agejo

I did some more searching and decided to compare the two styles to figure out their similarities.

hime gyaru vs agejo

So things I need to look out for are:

Mainly pink clothes & shoes
OTT accessories – especially for hair and necklaces!
Princess Melody accessories & bags
♡ Bows & frills

Pink and white is used quite a lot in hime gyaru (from what I’ve seen while browsing on Tumblr) whereas pink and black is used more in agejo… So I guess pink is definitely good for both wardrobes! I’ve also noticed that they’ve both incorporated bows and frills in their clothes too. Maybe it might not be too difficult for me to do this after all?

But I’m going to transition to hime very slowly! I’m taking baby steps. I’m really excited to see where this takes me – and maybe one day I can meet Himena and tell her how much she’s inspired me!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post… It’s probably not very useful but I like to write down my thoughts on here.

See you next Sunday!

Lizzie Bee xx

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