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On Being Your Own Gyaru Inspiration

“What even is gyaru?” I hear people say whenever I tell them about this Japanese fashion. Sometimes I brush it off and say, “it’s just this Japanese fashion” and let them divulge at their own pace (usually they then follow it with “where you look like an anime doll?” which is very frustrating). Other times I hop onto Google for some inspiration to show them what I mean but then realise that I don’t look anything like the first few pictures of Black Diamond that pop up… And when I finally found one, the stranger has lost interest by then so I just put my phone away.

top and skirt: liz lisa from kawaii gyaru shop* (discount code LIZBEE) / bag: primark / accessories: muse, tesco & harry potter merch / boots: liz lisa replica

A few years ago this would’ve affected my self esteem and I would think “oh my god I am such a fake gyaru. I am the worst gyaru ever. Maybe I need to tan and change my style so that I can look like those gals that pop up on Google”. But now I don’t care so much. Being gyaru means rocking it in your own kind of way, and that’s what I aim to do!

It can be disheartening, though, especially when you don’t nail all of the stereotypical things that makes you gyaru. Take wearing circle lens for instance – it never used to be a thing but over the years it’s become a ‘necessity’. And having dark hair? It was unheard of back in the day! There are still people who ask “can I be gyaru if…?” but I wanna just stop them right there and say YES (unless you’re not able to do anything remotely gal, say not wear makeup at all, then maybe gal isn’t for you?) Take me as an example: here’s the girl who doesn’t wear circle lens, who has really dark hair, and cannot parapara to save her life. You probably won’t be able to find anyone who’s less gyaru than I am, but I don’t let that bother me anymore. I am comfortable with my style, and I love it.

It’s so important to be your own gyaru inspiration, because the truth is there isn’t going to be a gyaru that’s just like you. Take gyaruo, for instance: it is pretty much dead but my friends Wes and Ethan are absolutely rocking it. They make their own rules and they look AMAZING. If they had let the fact that gyaruo was dead stop them from doing what they love, then the world would’ve missed out.

Another super important thing is to stop focusing on your boundaries and instead focus on the things you can do. You might not any hair skills but you have some badass outfits. You can’t tan but your contour is on-point. You can’t wear circle lens but you have amazing makeup. You get my drift. And, most importantly, never give up. If I gave in and wore circle lens then I wouldn’t be proud that I’m a non-circle lens wearer than I am today. I chose my eyesight and being comfortable than doing something for fashion, and I regret nothing.

Be your own gyaru inspiration!

Lizzie xx

P.S what would you say to a newbie who had the same problems as you did? What advice would you give?

*gifted item

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