Off to the theatre! ☆ ~(‘▽^人) Kuma co*de

good morning

Good morning bby ♡ I’m super sleepy rn! This cold weather just makes me wanna hibernate haha. But!! It snowed this morning! It’s slowly melting as I write this but yay, snow!

Aaaanyway, last night I went to the theatre with my bestie Isobel! She invited me to see Beauty and the Beast with her and oh my gosh it was AMAZING. I’ve never been to see a pantomime before so I ws thinking it would maybe be more aimed at children but there were plenty of adult jokes. The costumes and set design was absolutely stunning! Unfortunately I couldn’t take pictures but everything was so sparkly and glittery.

This was my co*de for the night! Super cosy~

today's code

Hoodie… Ank Rouge
Jeans… Boohoo
Legwarmers… eBay
Boots… Dune
Bag… Primark

My bby Amy was there, too!

btw I can’t wear makeup for a few weeks because of my eczema… I will probs write it in another post but yeah. I’m trying to get used to having a bare face but it’s going to take a while ;;

Anyway, that’s all for today. I’m going to try and catch up on some blogs now ♡♡

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