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I first learnt about contouring when I found out about gyaru nearly 5 (or perhaps 6) years ago. Little did I know that it would become a huge part of my makeup routine – now I wouldn’t dream about wearing makeup without it.

But I was getting bored. Truth is, I’ve been using the same type of contouring palette over the past few years because I got comfortable with Sleek. Now every brand has one, so there’s a lot to choose from! On my shopping trip with Fii & Han I found this NYX contouring palette, and what attracted me the most was that it was refillable, had so many shades and was cruelty-free! I’ve been tracking down cruelty-free brands (as mentioned in a previous blog post) and a few weeks prior I picked up some lipsticks from Urban Decay and received another from Too Faced for my birthday.

NYX contour palette
NYX Contour Palette
urban decay, vice lipstick, hex, venom
Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks & Lip Pencils – Hex & Venom
urban decay lip pencils
Urban Decay Lip Pencils
too faced melted lipstick, peony
Too Faced Melted Lipstick – Peony
Wearing Urban Decay “Venom” Lipstick
Urban Decay “Hex” Lipstick (more pics here)
Too Faced Melted Lipstick in “Peony” (more pics here)

About the NYX contour palette…

I love how there’s so much choice in the shades because sometimes I want to go for the “natural” look, and others I want to go over-the-top gyaru. I used to have a separate eye shadow for my nose but now I could just use the lightest shade in this palette. It hasn’t given me any skin problems at all and I just like the fact that it’s cruelty-free.

However, the amount of shades which might pose a problem for those who only want a basic highlight and contour. I didn’t mind so much as I want to experiment with different shades, but when I went on a weekend away it was kind of annoying having to pack this huge thing. It’s also pretty difficult to take out the shades but I guess you wouldn’t need to worry about that until much later.

About the Urban Decay lipsticks…

When I first tried these lipsticks I wasn’t too sure what to think –  they seemed to suck the very moisture out of my lips but I put it down to me not being used to wearing such matte shades. So when I first wrote this review it was largely negative, but after four months my opinion flipped – I was in love. I could not stop wearing these lipsticks – especially “Hex” and I would place them at the top of my most-loved lipstick collection. They also give me some serious witchy vibes which is awesome and works great with my darker styles (as picture above).

The lip pencils were also great. At first I wasn’t too sure why the shop assistant was pressuring me to get them but I’m so glad she did otherwise my lipstick would be all over the place. They provide that thin layer of moisture needed but would have to be sharpened quite regularly as they have a soft “lead”.

About the Too Faced lip gloss…

Too Faced definitely didn’t disappoint. Not only does it have super cute packaging but it was very moisturising, and doesn’t require any lipstick pencils because it’s more of a lip gloss. I adore this shade of pink, and it goes so well with my agejo gyaru makeup and light gyaru styles in general. Sometimes I put it on just to give me cute girly vibes, and I can’t wait to try the rest of their collection.

That’s all for today! I quite like reviewing lots of products at the same time, so I might be doing more in future… What makeup products have you tried out recently? Got any recommendations? Leave comments below!

Until next Sunday ♡

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