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Belated birthday meal + hime co*de

Hey cutie! How are you? It was finally my belated birthday meal yesterday and aaaah I had such a lovely time! Looking back at the photos and just reminiscing just makes me smile so so much

But… Things didn’t go quite to plan with my co*de I was originally going to wear my JD dress but it was way too hot (thanks, heatwave!) so I wore another pink one instead. It’s a shame that my curls died from the humidity but oh well, I still felt pretty!

Lol if you see that eyelash glue then no you didn’t

Me and my faves

Look at how cute this My Melo charm that Amy bought for me!

I had spring rolls for starters and then the giggling squid pad thai with king prawns for my main

The staff were so lovely and kept complimenting me on my outfit And then once we were done, the two waitresses serving us brought out a birthday ice cream for me I was so so surprised and happy and aaah it brings me so much joy just thinking about it They were incredibly kind and made sure it didn’t have any dairy in it! How sweet!

We then headed over to Creams to get some desserts. I had the mango sorbet and it was very refreshing!

My boo

My birthday gifts from Amy! She also got me a My Melo charm which I took a pic of up above

And that’s all for today!

I feel so loved and now that my birthday celebrations are over I can concentrate on Halloween tehehehe!

Until next time

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