Birthday in Brighton

It was my Gyaru debut on Saturday, which was also the day that I met up with Amelie, Bunny, Jada and Ruby for Amelie’s birthday! I decided to do this gyaru debut thing because recently I’ve been lazy and not bothering to do gal properly, so from now on I’m going to find a way to doll up more! It’s going to be hard – especially with uni and work – but I’m going to try it out.

I woke up way too early (like, quarter to 6 or something crazy) because of the heat so I had plenty of time to just browse on tumblr or what not. But that also gave me plenty of time to doll up as I did this hairstyle from Sui’s tutorial so I only had to pull the plaits out. I really like this hairstyle!

I went for something sweet this time just because I always do rokku, so needed to so something else for a change!

MA*RS dress, Di Depux necklace, earrings from Claire’s and 

shoes from New Look

Eyemake~ Tried using more gold shades ! 

Anyways, when I got there we – me, Amelie and Bunny – went shopping for a bit while we waited for the others and I bought some sun cream, nail varnish, flip flops.. Unfortunately the flip flops really started to hurt after 2 mins :/ So I decided that I might just use them for indoor/home use as I really don’t wanna’ wear fluffy slippers at this time of year lololol.

After that we went to get something to eat in this lovely Chinese resturant, and I had so much food! I was so full afterwards! I felt like such a greedy pig with 6 plates of food OTL I had to leave some of the mango and pineapple though as it didn’t taste fresh ><

Then we headed to the beach as it was still incredibly warm and sunny. I came up with uber amazing idea and covered my head with a Primark bag for protection from the evil seagulls. Mwahahaha.


Then that was it! Me and Bunny headed to hers and we went to sleep almost straight away because of the amount we walked!

I met up with Amelie and Jada the next morning for breakfast and lunch at this Japanese restaurant! It was so yummy~ I had Gyoza and Katsudon ^^ After that I headed home… I really wanted to stay longer but travelling was gonna’ be hectic. I nearly slept on the train o_o

But anyways, that was it! I loved seeing my girlies~ Can’t wait to see them again!

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