Birthday Weekend 2015!

birthday girl blowing out candles

Guess who just had one of the best weekends of their lives? This girl right here! And you know why? Because it was my birthday, tehe! I might as well admit it – I love being such a spoilt princess on my birthday and this year I was definitely spoilt.

It all started when at 11.51pm my sister was begging for me to stay awake for a little bit longer so that I could open my present from her. I was dead tired – I am more of a morning bird than a night owl – but I did it, and opened my present to find that she got me tickets to go to Cadbury World with her! I am a HUGE chocolate lover and I was so so happy! I hurriedly went home, dreaming about chocolate, and I knew exactly what to wear.

Day 01 – Trip to Cadbury World

My outfit consisted, of course, of my favourite colour – pink! I’m not too sure what to call this style as it’s not your typical agejo, so I guess I would call it sweet agejo?

Anyway, I had so much fun at Cadbury World and I can’t wait to go again when I have a better camera because it was a bit dark so my phone pictures were way too grainy for this blog post. But Cadbury World was my kind of heaven – they gave you a tour of the history of chocolate and then you could go around the factory and taste fresh chocolate, as well as a cute little ride through their mascot’s town! I bought so much chocolate afterwards, and I got some free melted chocolate too!

After Cadbury World we headed to Wagamama with my love and my best friend. Unfortunately the pictures didn’t do it justice so I didn’t include them but I had some delicious kare lomen and white chocolate and ginger cheesecake. Today was a great start to my birthday weekend!

sweet agejo, gaijin gyaru, lizzie bee, pink birthday look

cadbury world owl statue

cadbury world bean ride

Top: eBay

Skirt: Kawaii Gyaru Shop (coupon code: LIZBEE)

Accessories: Dreamy Bows, Claire’s Accessories & Primark

Shoes: Sweet Soul Shop

Day 02 – Party Time!

After trying to sleep off the amount of chocolate I ate the previous day (whoops) it was time to get ready for my party! I was stressing out and panicking quite a lot and it got to the point where I was at loss on what to do… So my boyfriend kindly helped me out and got the place prepped while I was getting ready. I was so grateful!

Birthdays are for wearing new things, so I wore my new Liz Lisa skirt from Kawaii Gyaru Shop and I am so in love with it. It’s so pretty! When I was done I went to pick Pixie Late up from the station and then we did a bit of Lush shopping. One of the shop assistants sneaked in a freebie which was so sweet of her – but I wish I realised it sooner as I didn’t see it until I got home! I’ll make it my goal to thank her when I next go there.

Then it was time to greet my friends and get drinking! We played a lot of games which got so much funnier when we started to get more and more drunk. My boyfriend and sis then surprised me with a Minion birthday cake!

derpy friends

himekaji gyaru, gaijin gyaru, liz lisa

hello kitty birthday balloon

birthday treats from Lush

Top: New Look

Skirt: Kawaii Gyaru Shop (coupon code: LIZBEE)

Accessories: Dreamy Bows, Primark & eBay

Socks: Primark

Shoes: eBay

I was quite exhausted afterwards, but it was so worth it! I wish my birthday weekend couldn’t lasted forever but now it’s back to my usual busy life.

And that’s all for now! Hope you liked this post. Please let me know what kind of posts you would like to see on here in the comments below.

Until next Sunday!

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