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Birthday Weekend ♡ Day Three!

I finally have the chance to sit down and quickly write about the last day of my birthday weekend (because yes I’m writing this during my lunch break haha ww)

Started the day by having a very big breakfast at one of our local cafes! I have no decided that I love fried bread *3* so unhealthy but so tasty.

Then I got ready and put together a cute and casual hello kitty x my melody coord, wearing one of my new tops I got from my birthday *//* I originally wanted to do a hime gal coord but I was only going to go bowling and I thought this outfit was more suitable for that!

The bowling place was absolutely packed and.. No one wore a mask ^^” but I kept mine on until we got to our lane (which luckily had plastic separators). I guess nobody cares about covid anymore…

We did two games and obvi I came last but I had so much fun and it was so good to see my friends again *3*

And that’s it from my birthday weekend! I had an amazing birthday despite the hiccup I had on day two. I hope next year I could do even bigger celebrations!

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Right I’ve got to go back to work, speak soon!

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