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5 Ways to Style a Black Hat for Autumn/Fall

What’s up, witches?! Tehe yes, this One Item Five Ways post (or “how to style soandso in five ways”… However you wanna’ call it) is going to be a little bit different this time because instead of featuring a clothing item, I’ll be featuring this witchy-looking black hat – perfect for the spooky season! So, let’s have a look at how you can style this black hat in 5 different ways – as well as the 5 different kinds of witch you could be!

Disclaimer: This post may contain items that were gifted to me in the past. Read this post for more details.

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Parisian Sorcière

“Oooh la la! This chic witch – or sorciére – knows how to live her life through dining in fancy restaurants and walking eccentric catwalks. She is effortlessly elegant and keeps things minimalist”.

I channelled onee gyaru vibes when I wore this outfit for brunch with my beau, and it made me feel so elegant! I feel like onee is such an underrated style, and loved wearing it.

Hat: Tobi / Dress + top: DaTuRa / Bag: M&S / Boots: Can’t remember sorry! / Accessories: Tesco F+F

Blair Bitch Project

“This witch lives in the woods with her familiar, conjuring magic circles to protect the wild. But she is a mischievous witch and sometimes prey on humans who have lost their way – her trick is ‘losing’ her black hat in the woods, whereupon she asks a wandering traveler to help her find it…”

It goes without saying that this black hat works perfectly with rokku gyaru, and makes the grungiest outfit look classy. I loved wearing this with my skull dress and thigh-high boots, and my hoodie made it a little bit more casual.

Hat: Tobi / Dress: Blue Banana / Boots: Boohoo / Choker: Glavil by TuTuHa / Hoodie: No idea soz

Witch Boo-tique

“Need something to wear for the All Hallows’ Eve ball? This lil’ witch will help you find the perfect outfit! She can even sew gowns that transform into different colours with a flick of the wrist (for the indecisive witches and wizards).”

I never really thought about wearing this hat with any style other than rokku, so when I slapped it on my head for a laugh I was pleasantly surprised to see it that actually worked. That, together with some dark lippy, made this ane agejo look have a dark side… And I loved it! It made me miss DaTuRa even more (as they did, sadly, close down back at the end of August).

Hat: Tobi / Top: MA*RS / Skirt: DaTuRa / Belt: eBay / Shoes: Primark / Bag: Ted Baker

Badass Witch

“This chick will rock up to class late because she was out getting her Bubble Tea fix, but does she give a damn? Nope! She’s always looking sassy but classy, and hides behind some cute sunglasses (so that you can’t see her constantly rolling her eyes at the teacher). Despite this, she always gets really high grades!”

This outfit is perfect for work during the Autumn/Fall, especially if you’re off to work/uni/school. Who says you have to substitute being warm for being stylish?

Hat: Tobi / Dress: Forever21 / Boots: Boohoo / Shirt, Choker, & Bag: Primark

Witch Way to the Cake…?

“Her happy place is among cakes and sweets, which is why afternoon tea is her favourite pastime! Her look is as sweet as her nature, and she tends to forget her black hat sometimes so always adorns her hair with magical accessories, just in case!”

This outfit was more Larme Kei inspired than gyaru, and perfect for afternoon tea! I actually wore this when I went out with my friend Isobel and it was perfect. The hat just added a classy touch to this girly look!

Hat: Tobi / High-waisted Skirt: Quiz / Shoes + Accessories: Primark
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What I loved about wearing this black hat was that it instantly made any outfit instantly spooky yet classy at the same time, which is perfect for October/Autumn/Fall in general!

Which one was your favourite? How would you style a black hat?
Let me know in the comments below!

Lizzie xx

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