Blue Reef Aquarium // 3月25日 //

As I mentioned in my last post, me and Stef went to Hastings to see the Blue Reef Aquarium! It was such a beautiful day; sunny, yet cool, which made everything 100 times better ^^

Hastings is such a pretty place~ so be warned, got tons of pictures 😛 Woop woop!

Me & Stef <3

This was my look for the day, as you have already seen in my last post ^^

Funny fishy ;D Looks as if it’s smiling at me or something o_O

This fella’ scared the crap out of me as I was zoomed in on the tank and BHAM

this guy showed up.

So pretty *_* Can’t believe they’re actually alive as well…

Clown fish! *_*

This was one of my fave fish tanks because they included all of the fish in Finding Nemo! *_*

When we finished looking at the Aquarium we decided to go for a stroll around Hastings! It was so beautiful <3 But it was really cold ;_; So hadda’ put my socks on ><” The area reminded me of a tourist place because of the way everything was laid out, and the buildings were in a lovely cream colour ^^

And then we stopped off at a fish & chip place! And ZOMG the food was so nom! When we ordered our Coke I realised that it was in Polish, which was crazy because I don’t remember Coke being written in Polish even when I went to Poland lololol. It was so nice to have a cool drink though!

We met Homer on the way back to the station! Can’t believe he ruffled my hair D:

… This had to be done.

So that was it really! I really liked some of the rides at the little fair (as there was one right by the beach) but then thought it wasn’t such a good idea as we have just eaten some yummy food OTL. Plus the rides were incredibly expensive o_O

That’s it for now! Sorry for the picture spamming ^^”

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