A boring weekend

Hey gals! How’re you all? ^^

It’s the last weekend before my French exam – which I’m SO not prepared for D: – so I wasn’t allowed to go out… But this didn’t stop me from dolling up tehe~

Was inspired by Okarie’s hair and this makeup tutorial ^^

And this is me! ^^

I quite liked this look but not so much the hair… Idk why but I just think that it doesn’t suit me D: The makeup I think isn’t dramatic enough and even though I really like the sweet/natural style I really like the dramatic look.
Aah wells, at least I’ve tried something new ^^ Does anyone know of any dramatic eye makeup tutorials?

Outfit rundown:

Top: New Look

Leggings: Reveal

Shoes: Brantano

Jewellery: Can’t remember 😛

That’s all for now my lovelies~

Lizzie <333

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