Bourjois Colour Boost “Peach on the Beach” Lip Crayon Review

bourjois colour boost peach on the beach review

I recently added Bourjois’ Colour Boost “Peach on the Beach” Lip Crayon to my beauty collection to celebrate the coming of spring. I haven’t really experimented with lip crayons before, but I do have a couple already and I must say that I hands-down prefer them to lip gloss and lipstick. They’re just so much easier to apply and comes in so many colours!

I knew I had to get this one because of the colour. It was love at first sight when I saw it being displayed on the shelf so I instantly picked it up and bought it there and then. I’ve always wanted to try out peach tones after seeing some onee gyaru like Sayoko Ozaki pulling it off so well, and I was kind of getting bored of pink shades. I wear this as much as I wore my “nude” lip crayon! It also works really well with pink blusher which is a huge surprise as those two don’t normally work well together. I have really dark lips so the fact that a little bit of colour shops up on my lips is a miracle!

bourjois lip crayon peach on the beach

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I love the fact that it’s a twisty one, so when the lippy runs out I could always twist it up. The twist is quite firm so I don’t accidentally twist it up when it’s in my handbag (something I had done with another one) so yay!

My heart sank when I noticed how sticky it was when applied, but it wasn’t too bad as my hair didn’t stick to my lips (elegant, I know) like it would when I wear lip gloss so it’s not too bad. I was hoping that it would be more buttery like some other lip crayons that I own, but nevertheless it was easy to apply so that’s okay. It provides that lovely glossy finish without it being too glossy, and it’s perfect for jazzing up an everyday look if you want to wear natural makeup.

However, it has a lovely smoothness to it that reminds me of lip balm. My lips get really dry and when I applied this is instantly moisturised my lips without me having to put on some vaseline beforehand.

Another problem… it tastes horrible when eating cereal. No lie – when I ate a spoonful of cheerios I nearly gagged. It tasted horrid! I hadn’t noticed the taste of it before but now I can’t stop noticing it. Luckily it isn’t too bad when eating other food that had a more powerful flavour to them, but I love to eat so this is highlighted as a potential problem for me.

I guess this review is overall leaning more on the positive side but there are a few negatives such as how sticky it is. Still, I would recommend getting it if you prefer lip glosses over lip sticks!

So, what is your favourite lippy? I’m dying to add more to my collection! Let me know in the comments below.

Until next Sunday! ♡

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