Breakfast at Tiffany’s.. Or, in my case, dinner at Wagamama.

Hello beautiful readers! How are you?

It’s been ages since I last saw my friends from uni so one day I just picked up the phone and decided to ring one of them, and we immediately arranged to meet up for dinner at Wagamama! I arranged to meet another friend to go shopping beforehand as I really missed seeing her, and saying that I bought a few items is an understatement. I bought a lot of things. I spent around £23.63 on just bath products to pamper myself every now and then, and then I bought a dress and a top~ So quite a few things! I shall make another post of my gets for you all.

In my last post, Searching for My Identity, I mentioned that I wanted to find the “me”, and with this post I have to say that I’m still making small steps towards it. Well, I didn’t actually mention it but I was on about that I needed to take more care of my appearance Gal-wise; I’m getting sick of just floating around thinking that I need to fit into a particular style so I’m just going to dress what I feel like, even if it’s something that I would never really wear like Hime.
Actually I want to thank all of those people who made such lovely comments on my last post, and I’m sorry that I have not replied to you all! I just feel slightly down, but I’ll be sure to make replies when I feel better about where I am. Thank you, I love you guys <3

ANYWAYS I went and bought clothes that I would never usually wear, but loved wearing, and I wore one of them to Wagamama! So here it is…

I don’t know what the hell happened to my (your right) left arm… Think I might’ve held it over the camera or something… Hmm! 

River Island dress, Primark tights, Dorothy Perkins heels

It reminded me of another era because it of how it reached to my knees and clung to my waist, like the dresses I see in films like Breakfast at Tiffany’s (despite not having seen the film). It gave me the oh la la vibe

My eye make! I’m in love with Angel Eye and Baby Eye, and I always seem to be wearing them nowadays… Need to get some new lashes!

Jewellery was minimum, which made me realise that I haven’t really got a large collection of accessories at all… Looks like I’ll be saving up for more instead of buying clothes all of the time!

I actually really like my hair curled, but it’s a bitch to curl as it took me 2 hours to do this (whilst watching Criminal Minds… Maybe that’s the reason why!) 

That’s all for now my darlings! Until next time~

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