Can I Be Gyaru If…?

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Recently I’ve noticed that those new to the wonderful world of gyaru are forever asking questions like, “Can I still be gyaru if I can’t wear circle lens?” or “Can I be gyaru with [x] colour hair?” Because of this, I have decided to create a big post on the most popular questions asked in our community. This is part of my Gaijin Gyaru Guide series.

Can I be gyaru if…

I don’t wear circle lens?

Yes, yes yes! Although circle lens really help complete the look, it is possible to work without. I’ve been doing it for goodness knows how long and there are a few other gaijin gyarus such as Pin who really rock it without them. It just takes a hell of a lot more work, and I know from experience that it does take a while to get used to wearing dramatic makeup to make-up for the lack of lens but it’s all about working with your eyeshape to make your eyes look bigger.

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Pin looking flawless as always!

… I am plus size?

Definitely! Gyaru isn’t about being the skinny, it’s about accepting yourself and “get wild and be sexy!” Just because the skinny girls plaster the covers of magazines (may the magazines rest in peace) doesn’t mean that non-skinny gals exist outside of them. They’re models, so a lot of it is photoshop and intense diet regimes that I wouldn’t recommend doing.

The main thing is to be happy with the way you are. This applies to all fashions, not just gyaru! If wearing something makes you feel down about yourself then chuck it straight in the bin and wear the things you love.

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… I wear glasses?

I actually don’t know many people who do gyaru with glasses but it’s definitely possible. It’ll be a good idea to look at makeup tutorials online on what kind of makeup to wear with glasses according to their lens (i.e. if they make your eyes look bigger or smaller) and then apply that knowledge to when you’re doing your gyaru makeup.

Here’s a photo of a Ageha mag scan (I believe)

gyaru with glasses
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… I have [insert colour] hair?

Gyaru is one of the most versatile styles I’ve seen when it comes to hair (thank goodness) and although black isn’t the most popular colour it’s still doable, and anything other than black is completely fine! Black Diamond members are known for their crazy blend of hair colours and they rock it!

It’s mainly the “older” gyaru like onee gyaru who tend to have darker hair colours, but there are a few who look great with it. I haven’t dyed my hair at all throughout my gyaru life, and that’s never going to change.

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… I’m over 20?

HELL YES! I’m going to be a gyaru granny, haha. There are plenty of gyaru who still do it even when they’re 30 years old! There’s even one gyaru on Instagram who’s 50! Charlotte over at Lady Mori posted a really good article about gyaru over 30 which you can see here.

Well-known gyaru model, Sakurina, is 31!

… I have children?

Gal mamas are the best! There was even a whole magazine dedicated to them called “gal mama” (surprise surprise). I have heard that some gyaru who do become mothers do tone down their look a little bit but I guess it all depends on how you feel about it! Here’s an article where someone interviewed a gal mama.

gyaru mama, gal mama
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… I have tattoos and piercings?

Definitely! I see quite a lot of gyarus sporting tattoos, and those are mainly from oraora/tsuyome gals. I’m pretty sure there are more who aren’t into that substyle, but those are where I normally catch a peek of a tattoo.

That goes the same with piercings; it’s totally doable, and looks great for the more “darker” styles like oraora, tsuyome, rokku and gothic gyaru. Mayuyun is a perfect example of having tattoos and piercings!

That’s not to say that people outside of those substyles don’t have tattoos/piercings, it’s just my observation.

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… I have short hair?

Much like the “can I be gyaru if I have [x] coloured hair”, I’ve seen gals rocking both long, medium and short hair! It doesn’t matter what length it is, as long as it’s styled and looks fabulous then it’s all good.

Kanako Kawabata always comes to mind whenever I think of a gal rocking short hair! There’s also other people like Okarie, Sakurina (although in her old photos), and Chie & Chika often wear short-haired wigs.

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… I’m not Asian?

Hell yeah! I’ve seen a lot of gaijin gyaru looking absolutely flawless in this style who aren’t Asian. It’s all about adjusting the gyaru makeup & clothes to suit your features. Just take a look at the gaijin gyaru community; there are tons of great inspiration for you there. One of my major inspirations is Sui Princess (she’s such a babe).

gaijin gyaru
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… I don’t do gyaru everyday?

I’ve noticed this question cropping up more and more in the community and, in my opinion, I think you’re gyaru as long as you make an effort whenever you can to be gyaru. I only really do gyaru when I’m going out and most of the time I don’t, and I don’t really see the point of doing it if I’m not going out of the house.

I think it’s really difficult because then people ask: what is gyaru without the aesthetics? To me, gyaru is about having fun and being confident with yourself as well as the makeup. Work makes it difficult for me to do gyaru because I’m often in a rush in the morning so I don’t have time to do the makeup. If I do have time, then I’d do it, but it hasn’t been like that so far and I’d much prefer to have a few more minutes of sleep.

I don’t really feel like myself when I don’t do gyaru, so I kind of think of myself as having two lives: one is the gyaru me who’s always smiling and having fun, and then the work me when I just put my head down and get things done. And I’m okay with that. You just got to be comfortable with yourself and try your best!

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… I wear [certain type] of clothes?

As long as you have the gyaru hair and makeup down, you can wear anything you want! There are so many styles to choose from that your clothes are bound to fall into one of the gyaru substyles, and if not, then that’s totally fine, too! Emika Kanda mixed gyaru together with fairy kei and it looks super cute (the gal on the left in the pic below).

fairy kei, gyaru, emika kanda

… I don’t like gyaru?

Erm, no?

And that’s all for today! I know that there are probably loads of more questions to cover but I thought that these were the commonly asked ones in our community.

If anyone has any questions, please ask, and I’ll do my best to answer! 😀

Until later, cuties!

Lizzie xx

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