Casual co*de ♡ meeting friends ♡ Chococat cake

hello decome

Hey cutie ♡ 你好小可爱! How are you? I’ve been really inspired by old-school gal blogs recently where they pretty much blog every day with super casual posts. I don’t know it’s kind of… refreshing? It’s something that I would love to do however my everyday life is pretty boring lol but luckily I have about a million things on my mind so I have plenty to write about (*ノ∀`*)

Today I want to write about the time where I saw my friends for the first time since lockdown eased! Yes, it’s a very late post haha (as this was like… nearly a month or so ago now ( 〃▽〃) ) but it really marks a special occasion for me.

Because of this, I decided to try baking a chocolate cake from just three ingredients and, well… I burnt the cake lol. But is it really a Hello Lizzie Cafe moment if I didn’t burn something????

I wore a very casual co*de because we were only allowed to sit in their garden and it was extremely cold that day (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ can’t wait for the weather to get warmer!

Casual amekaji look
Casual gyaru coord

♡ shirt: primark ♡
♡ sweater: forever21 ♡
♡ accessories: probs aliexpress ♡
♡ shorts: reveal ♡
♡ boots: go outdoors lol ♡

It was lovely to see them all! And they really liked the cake which is good (probably because I covered it with icing to try and hide the burnt bits lmao).

That’s all for today! Can’t wait to do more posts like this! ♡

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  • Amy
    May 2, 2021

    OMG this cake was AMAZING! 😀 I loved our little walk, and your hoody was so cuuuuute! ❤ See you sooooon.

    • hellolizziebee
      May 2, 2021

      Tehehe yay I’m so happy you liked it! Thank you so so much <3333 I really want to make it again but maybe try to do it in two tiers haha