Casual Coords for the Everyday Himekaji!

Hey cutie! How are you? This is just going to be a super quick post but I’ve been slowly collecting images of more casual coords for the everyday himekaji gal (as my goal for next year is to do it everyday!). These photos have been taken from old Liz Lisa collections as well as old blog posts and just what I had saved on my computer. I’m going to try and cover all seasons sometime in the future but for now, I’m just going to include what I’ve found in old Autumn/Fall and Winter collections.

updated: 27th Aug 2023

Casual Fall/Winter Inspirations for Himekaji

Casual Spring/Summer Inspirations for Himekaji

Some things I’ve noticed…

What’s nice about seeing all of these pictures in one post is that you can kind of spot the similarities between all of the coords. Here are some things that really caught my eye:

  1. Cable knit and white/cream sweaters for AW, hoodies and denim shirts for SS
  2. Layered mini skirts
  3. Trousers are often in lighter colours such as dusky pink, light brown, or light blue
  4. There are quite a few options with shorts!
  5. Overall neutral colour palette
  6. Blouses are a must-have basic in your himekaji wardrobe
  7. Frilly socks really elevate any casual himekaji outfit
  8. Flat brogues and cowboy boots are super popular in SS

This makes it so much easier if you want to do more offbrand looks. I’m going to try and do another blog post with all of my offbrand himekaji coords!

I hope these casual himekaji coords have inspired you on your journey to being the everyday gal!

Lizzie xx

p.s. if you’re still a bit stuck on himekaji, I’ve written a huuuuge post where I answer all of your himekaji questions!

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  • Lynn Leo
    November 19, 2020

    Hey, I love your post! I never realised how many coords with pants exist 🙂 xoxo lynn

  • Andy
    November 19, 2020

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for the inspo post!! I’m deffo saving some of this ´ v ` I can’t wait for weather here to stop acting like it’s september lol I wanna wear all the cozy fuwa fuwa stuff

  • cheerie
    December 1, 2020

    I love these round up inspo posts <3 So much inspiration all together! Thank you for putting this together!