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Short and sweet posts about my daily gyaru life! These can include everything and anything – from the thoughts swirling around in my mind lately, to current trends, or the latest going-ons in my everyday gyaru life, all written like a diary.

A year on…
中秋节快乐! Mid-Autumn festival!
今天穿的衣服 ♡ kitten tea party ♡ himekaji girls
Finally, a JD dress that fits!
new halloween blog theme ☆★
Halloween Plans! Co*De Ideas ☆★
Gal 109 blog meme!
Recent updates (*^^*)♡
Halloween To-Do List! ☆★
Spontaneous date ♡ yummy noodles (´▽`)
Casual Kitty Co*De ☆ Halloween Decorations!
Lovely gifts from Liv (´,,•w•,,)♡
Update ☆☆☆

Update ☆☆☆

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Hey cutie, how are you? ♡ It's that time of year again where I think about my blog... My hosting and domain name are super expensive because of being on wordpress (hosting at the moment is £173 a year, and my domain ...

Disappointing Halloween decorations (; ̄Д ̄)