Deco gets!

Hey cutie! How are you? I ordered some deco for my nails and DIY projects and they finally arrived today!

I got some for Halloween and Christmas just in case! I really can’t wait to get my nails done… Sigh….

I’m so tired so I’m just going to chill and watch TV for a bit…

Birthday eve ♡

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A chill day before my birthday~ Just spent reading the webtoon “Father, Unrivaled”… have you read it before?

My love bought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and we cooked a roast dinner together. I love roast dinners

See you in my ~official~ birthday post!

Attempting to curl my half wig

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Decided to try out curling my half wig without heat while I’m stuck at home. Yep, I’m still testing positive for covid

I followed a tutorial where you spray the section with water, then hairspray, then roll it up, and then hairspray again. I then left it overnight so that it’s 100% dry.

But it hasn’t really made a difference other than maybe give it more volume… I shall have to try another method!

I really hope covid goes away before this weekend… I’m been feeling so low about it…

Early Halloween GETS

Eeeeeerm yes, I have already bought some Halloween decorations. In July

I saw on my friend’s story that there were some Halloween decorations at TKMaxx so I pretty much ran to the shops I’m amazed how early they stock them!

And yes, I managed to buy a few things… But not too much this time! I’m gonna take it easy as I already have a lot of decorations from last year.

But… I will let you know if I do buy any more…