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Casual IsoBee date at the Cosy Club ☆
What’s New, Gyaru? with DD + cowgirl co☆de ♡
Kitchen Update + Himekaji Co☆De
IsoBee in Primark (*¯ ³¯*)♡ Ank Rouge co☆de
Casual Hello Kitty Co☆De
Birthday BBQ + Himekaji Co*De ( ̄З ̄)♡
My himekaji journey ♡ Casual princess style!
Gyaru One Week Challenge!
Parapara filming ♪

Parapara filming ♪

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Hey cutie! How are you? ♡ 你好小可爱! I’ve had some personal stuff going on lately which means I haven’t done anything exciting, but the other day I filmed a video for a parapara group project! I can’t really talk about it that much as it’s top secret for now, but I …

Hello Kitty Co☆de, Bubble tea + fight knight!
1 item 3 ways ☆ Yellow W♡C kumatan jumper
new nail + spring himekaji co*de ♪
昨天的衣服 ♡ LuluBee meet ♡ tanning
W♡C x Popteen Kei Co*De ☆
1 item 5 ways ♡ Overalls!