Cosy co*de + cafe date ♡

Hey cutie, how are you? Today we went out on a little family date to a dessert cafe and I actually managed to film a GRWM for this look!!! I can’t wait to post it on YouTube

I really wanted to wear something more hime but I was very indecisive and had a brain freeze so I went with something cosy instead. At least it was cute (I guess)

Autumn walk + retro girly co*de

Hey cutie! How are you? Today we went out on a lil’ “day trip” (I say “day trip” because we were only really out for a few hours hahaha but it felt like a long time). The weather has been loooooovely~ it really feels like Autumn!

We decided to go somewhere that wasn’t tooooo far away, esp because this was our first time! It was such a beautiful place

A cute picnic at Eastnor Castle ♡ himekaji + casual agejo co*des

Hey cutie! How are you? Day 3 of my birthday weekend was spent with my love and he took me on a surprise day trip to have a cute lil’ picnicThe weather miraculously improved which definitely helped me feel a bit more motivated to leave the house

But first… Look at how cute this hello kitty cake is that he ordered for me!!

Outfit planning for my summer holiday~

One of the most exciting things about going on holiday??? Planning lots of cute outfits! I’m super excited to be going on a lil’ summer break, so I’ve put together some outfits to help me figure out what to pack.

I can definitely adapt this outfit into a more hime-esque one by choosing a fancier hair accessory! I could tone this down to make it a bit more casual by going for some other flat shoes like my pink crocs, especially as the My Melo bag is quite casual.

Pink x white ryousangata code ♡ gyaru make

Hey cutie! How are you? ( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ ♡ I think I’ve found the perfect solution to my earlier problems… Mixing ryousangata clothes but with gyaru makeup! (*♡∀♡)

I experimented with jirai kei/ryousangata makeup in the past but gosh I felt so much better today doing my usual gal make but with girly, ryousangata clothes ♡