Gyaru Fashion

My gyaru fashion posts (also known as co*de, coords, coordinates… you get the drift haha) all in one place!

My Hime Gyaru Wardrobe ♡
Cosy days with YUMI
october co☆des + halloween roundup
☆ Happy Halloween!☆
Cute pink Halloween outfit!
Pumpkin spice co*de
new halloween nails + hello kitty pumpkin code ♡
Pumpkin patch + rokku gyaru co☆de
Cosy IsoBee day! Filming, baking + home GETS
Hime gyaru co*de + birthday meal (´,,•w•,,)♡
Pumpkin patch co*de ♡
Offbrand Gyaru Challenge ★ Recent Co*Des
AmzyBee Date ♡ Halloween Hunt + Rokku Co*De
My Hime Gyaru Outfits (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
Hime at Warwick Castle! Sundown Spectacular date ♡