My Gyaru Life

Gyaru isn’t just a fashion… It is a lifestyle! Here are all of my lifestyle related posts including gyaru meets, my daily diaries, my thoughts about trends and going-ons… To be honest, pretty much anything and everything about my gyaru life!

Today ☆
Preparing for tomorrow’s shoot ☆
Gyaru Gab ♡♡
Christmas part 2!
Merry Christmas! (*^^*)♡ Christmas co*de and dinner ♡
Christmas plans…
Nails of 2021 (´ w `♡)
Christmas nails + co*de


I'm currently waiting for a parcel... I hope it comes soon... Tonight I'm going to post a haul video of my last hime haul! It's an old video that I've only just gotten around to editing. You can tell it's ...

My Hime Gyaru Wardrobe ♡
New nail ♡ pastel zebra print
♡ AmzyBee date ♡
Co*de for filming + kawaii gets
☆ Happy Halloween!☆
Luna Springs’ Winter Spectacular! I cannot skate lol ❄