My Gyaru Life

Gyaru isn’t just a fashion… It is a lifestyle! Here are all of my lifestyle related posts including gyaru meets, my daily diaries, my thoughts about trends and going-ons… To be honest, pretty much anything and everything about my gyaru life!

Most Wonderful Time of the Year
All Loved Up
Baby Come Back
Last Days of Freedom
MA*RS Twins!
Birthday Gal Meet!
Hey There, Birthday Girl!
Chasing The Sun; UK Gal Meet!
Black & Gold: Meetup with Charli!
‘Cause I’m on top of the world, ‘ay
Weekend avec ma sœur
Chinese New Year!


After quite a long time of wanting to do this, I’m finally writing up my FAQ/Q&A post! These are the questions I have collected throughout my blog, Tumblr, FB, etc. that people have asked quite a lot of the time so I can just redirect people to this post when the …

Royal Order & Gal Meet
I Feel Like A Chameleon; My Gyaru Wardrobe