My Gyaru Life

Gyaru isn’t just a fashion… It is a lifestyle! Here are all of my lifestyle related posts including gyaru meets, my daily diaries, my thoughts about trends and going-ons… To be honest, pretty much anything and everything about my gyaru life!

Hime Co*De + my friend’s wedding!
Playing around with my hime wigs ♡
Recent Co*Des + Weekend Events!
Today’s hime gyaru co☆de
Mini DIY ♡ Hime Gal Shoes
Sunday’s co*de ♡ My husband did my makeup (ノ*°▽°*)
My Sanrio Bag Collection ☆
Experimenting with hair ♡
Hime Gyaru Co*De + IsoBee Afternoon Tea Date ♡
New nail + co*de (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡
What to do…
IsoBee date ♡ Hello Kitty co*de ♡ Yummy pancakes at Procaffeinate!
LuluBee date ♡ Bacco lounge + b&m shopping
Afternoon Tea with Amy ♡ LizMelo Co*De
Casual IsoBee date at the Cosy Club ☆