My Gyaru Life

Gyaru isn’t just a fashion… It is a lifestyle! Here are all of my lifestyle related posts including gyaru meets, my daily diaries, my thoughts about trends and going-ons… To be honest, pretty much anything and everything about my gyaru life!

Feeling Nostalgic: Blog Evolution
Recent Co*de + Our Christmas Living Room
Out with the New, In with the Old
Bake with Me for Christmas! Hobnobs Toffee Apple Crumble + Gingerbread Biscuits
My Christmas Bucket List!
Exciting News! A New Queen in Our Gyarusa!
Let’s Cook Katsu Curry! S&B Virtual Curry Party
Gyaru Room Tour!
Is Himekaji Even Gyaru Anymore?
Cute and Spooky! Our Halloween Living Room Decor
Feelin’ Cute and Cosy! Day Out with Isobel
Celebrating My Birthday in Lockdown!
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