Hauls + Reviews

Here I’ll share all of the cute things that I buy (also known as GETS) and reviews in general! From gyaru brand, offbrand clothes, kawaii plushies, cakes I’ve eaten at cute cafes… Anything and EVERYTHING.

♡ My Melo Loungewear ♡
♡ Gifts from YUMI ♡
Jesus Diamante GETS
Mini shein Halloween try-on haul!
Recent gets ♡
Hime Gyaru GETS ♡
My Sanrio Bag Collection ☆
Recent gets ☆
Recent beauty gets ☆
April sheet mask roundup ☆
Spring Gets ☆ Liz Lisa, Popteen + Hello Kitty!
Sheet Masks + A New Self Care Routine!
That Time I Hiked Up Mt Fuji (Kind Of)
Recent GETS, casual winter co*de and D&D gift swap!
Recent GETS! A/W Himekaji Haul!