Christmas dinner with my friends (´ w `♡)

I can’t believe I’m writing this post at like… 5:46am lol (obvs by the time I post it’ll be later than that) but I can’t sleep so might as well make the most of it (*ノωノ)

But yesterday… My heart was full (´ ω `♡) We spent most of the day preparing for Christmas dinner with our friends and we cooked up a delicious roast! I wish I took a picture of it but by the time it was on my plate, I was gobbling it up haha.

We all had a part to play!

Me and my husband – chicken + potatoes
Em – pigs in blankets, stuffing + drinks
Amy – roman peas, green beans + roasted veg
Adam and Lauren – sticky toffee pudding + Terry’s chocolate orange cheescake

We also threw in a cheeseboard because I bloody love cheese haha.

Pic spam ♡

Sorry, no makeup face today. I had an allergic reaction and my eczema is still recovering from that so… Yeah. Bear with me.

I’m doing a YouTube vid btw… so you’ll see it in that!
(This pic below was a screenshot from that vid oops)

☆ Christmas co*de ☆

top: ma*rs
trousers: h&m (I think)
fluffy gilet: liz lisa
slippers: from my husband ♡

Unrelated note but… I think I might be allergic to brie??? My sinuses had a weird sensation when I ate it… I’ll see how it is today when we have cheese for lunch haha.

That’s all for today! I had such a lovely time (´ ω `♡)

P. S. I’ve edited and published the vlog now! Here we go…

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  • ❤✧Blinnie✧❤
    December 5, 2021

    That dinner party looked amazing! Not feeling very christmas-y this year but I absolutely love your Christmas co*de, it looks so cozy and sweet! I’ll try to replicate it and see if the christmas mood kicks in o( ❛ᴗ❛ )o

  • きーりん♡
    December 6, 2021

    Still the cutest gal ever! ❤
    I love how everything is decorated!!! So homey and cute. And all that food ommggggggg I want!
    Have you ever taken an allergy test?