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Christmas Gyaru Inspiration

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year – Christmas! It’s the best time for those who like to get dressed up as there are so many opportunities to rock a Christmas outfit, gyaru style. You’ve got your work Christmas dos, cocktail parties, Christmas meals with your friends, and obviously Christmas day itself! I don’t know about you but I LOVE going all out for Christmas. I’m more of a cute-christmas-gal, but this year I’m determined to rock a more Christmas outfit (Santa costume, anyone?) so I have crawled through the internet and have gathered some Christmas Gyaru inspiration for you!

Santa Selection

Oh my gosh I love that Christmas photoshoot for sugar-net (where all of them are gathered around Santa), as even though they’re all wearing Santa outfits they’re all quite different to each other! Plus all of the models for sugar-net are absolute babes. I did something like this with my gyarusa, QueenE, last weekend and I had so much fun!

Classy Christmas

Sugar-net is the perfect shop for those who want to go for a more classy Christmas, for events like cocktail parties. I usually look at sites such as Quiz for similar clothes, if you’re based in the UK. I also had a look at Emiria Wiz’s instagram and she wore this cute pink dress that I could definitely see myself wearing, as well as a black dress from Riina Couture if you want to go down the non-traditional route.

Winter Favourites

Most inspirational images I collected heavily featured Santa costumes (which only solidifies my resolve to get a Santa outfit) so I decided to look at winter outfits as a whole if that’s not really your thing. Cosy jumpers are so in – were they ever out? – and I love how you can create cute outfits that’s warm at the same time.

And there we have it! I hope this has gotten you into the Christmas spirit.

What will you be wearing for Christmas this year?

Lizzie xx

image sources: tokyofashion, lilimpark, sugar-net, liz lisa, cyberjapan dancers, sakurina’s instagram,riina couture, emiria wiz

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