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Christmas Gyaru Meet with QueenE!

Christmas started as soon as we stepped out in the streets of Nottingham, head-to-toe in our Santa gear as we headed towards the Christmas market. By “we” I mean myself and QueenE gyarusa/gyaru circle members, and we looked fabulous! We didn’t have to walk for long and within moments we were greeted by wooden cabins with fake snow fluttering in the wind. No one batted an eyelid at our attire; well, it was December after all, so that’s basically Christmas!

I’ve been to the Birmingham Christmas market for a gal meet before, and yet Nottingham’s market was totally different but looked exactly the same. Doesn’t make sense, right? I don’t know, there was just a whole new vibe to it that was a lot calmer and more about enjoying the experience than fighting through the crowd for a frankfurter. There was also a large ice rink that was headed up by a glittering Christmas tree that towered above all of the people delicately skating around. There were even children in the mix, holding tightly onto these Penguins as they skirted around the rink. After hopping from stall to stall, we squeezed ourselves into one of the larger buildings that was filled with joyful beer drinkers, where we managed to get our first picture in front of the Christmas tree! After that there was plenty of eating (I mean, what better than an all-you-can-eat Sushi restaurant?) parapara, and as soon as Kei arrived we opened up our presents from our Secret Santas. I was seriously spoilt with a MA*RS bag, belt, earrings and a super cute and classy purse!

You know what I loved so much about this Christmas gyaru meet? It was chill. So chill. We didn’t have to worry about catching a train or missing the next bus… We had fun and took our time! It was one of the best meets I’ve ever had because I didn’t stress about how I looked nor of how low my phone battery level was (which was something I felt about the Gyaru Party in Paris, too!) I had so much fun learning parapara routines and just laying about in bed on my phone, occasionally showing my gyarusa some inspo. It was a low maintenance meet and that’s my favourite kind.

It was a pretty wonderful way to end 2018 with my gyarusa!

Have you got any plans with your gals this Christmas?

Lizzie xx

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