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Cinnamoroll-ing Down the Hill

I’ll tell you a secret… I wasn’t always a Hello Kitty Fan *gaspshockhorror*. I went through a phase where I was pretty tired of it because of just how popular Hello Kitty was and I wanted to be “original” (ew) and so I turned my attention to another super cute character – Cinnamoroll. I was still in Sixth Form/college (so high school, for my American readers!) when I fell in love with this lil’ puppy, and so wearing this Cinnamoroll inspired outfit really brought back sweet memories!

Who – or what – is Cinnamoroll?

Cinnamoroll is a cute puppy character from the world of Sanrio (the company who also created Hello Kitty). He’s got long ears, big blue eyes, and a curly tail that’s in the shape of a cinnamon roll! His owner owns a cafe and the smell of her cinnamon rolls attracted the curious little puppy, so she decided to take it in and call him Cinnamoroll.

dress: liz lisa via kawaii gyaru shop (discount code LIZBEE – affiliate) / shoes: sweet soul shop / accessories: ebay / plushie: sanrio puroland

About the Cinnamoroll-inspired outfit

When I first decided that I wanted to dress up as Cinnamoroll I was just going to settle with a blouse and a pair of shorts, but then I remembered this Liz Lisa dress I had (which I was actually close to selling!) and even though it was blistering hot, I still wanted to wear it. But because of the heat I knew I wanted to keep my hair up, and tried a new hairstyle with multiple ribbons going down my hair. It was super quick and easy to do and although this overall look might not be classed as gyaru, I loved it. It was perfect for dressing up like Cinnamoroll and looked like his cute floppy ears! I love adding subtle references, and had a small Cinnamoroll charm hanging off my bag.

I can’t wait to do some more themed outfits on the other Sanrio characters! Which one is your favourite character? Let me know in the comments below!

Lizzie xx

P. S. Shoutout to my friend Joey for inspiring me to do this!

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