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Congratulations, Adam and Lauren ♪ party time!

It was Adam and Lauren’s belated engagement and birthday party yesterday! It was super chill as we hung out in their house and had some yummy bbq food.

I wore a white maxi dress and layered a my melo top on top because it was actually a lot colder than I thought.

It was 30 degrees celcius on Friday, but only 17 degrees on Saturday!! Madness. No wonder loads of people were ill…

What do you think of this balloon arch??? Do you like it??
Me, Amy and Lauren were up super early to decorate!!! So proud of our work ♡♡

I tried out these upper lashes from aliexpress as they looked amazing on Amy and Lauren (I used them for their gal makeover!) I looove them. Now just need to wait for aliexpress to make some nice lower lashes haha.

Huge congrats to the happy couple! (♡°▽°♡)
And happy belated birthday, Adam! (♡°▽°♡)

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