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Gyaru Outfit Diaries: A Sunny Holiday in Cornwall

How to do Gyaru in Summer

Our holiday to sunny Cornwall was one of the best holidays we’ve had in recent years. It was the first time that I actually relaxed – truly, relaxed – and it was also the first time we didn’t have a checklist of a thousand tourist attractions to tick off. We just went with the flow and it was so much nicer. It was also incredibly hot, which I wasn’t really prepared for as I packed clothes for a cooler climate, so I had to make a lot of last minute choices whilst running around our Airbnb in a panic. But I managed to put together a few summery gyaru outfits with the clothes that I did have, so here’s what I wore during my holiday in Cornwall.

A stroll in the garden

crop top: forever21 / trousers: forever21 / boots: boohoo / accessories: ma*rs + new look

The first day was quite cool, so I set off in my favourite dogtooth trousers as they were incredibly stretchy and comfortable for long car journeys. I ditched the idea of makeup as I knew I’d be sleeping in the car for most of the day, but you couldn’t tell anyway as my face was covered by my gorgeous sunnies. We stopped off at Tyntesfield to stretch our legs before continuing the long journey.

Beach babe

bikini: ebay

I finally got the chance to wear my beautiful mermaid bikini that I picked up from ebay! I didn’t feel self conscious at all like I usually do, and I absolutely loved it. I woke up early to put on my gyaru makeup and set off at around 9.30am to get a spot by the sea, spending at least half a day just lazing in the sun (well, I did anyway, my hubby went to find the nearest shaded spot after a while!). It was the most relaxing day I had in ages but the mixture of sand and stones really hurt my feet, and the sea was too cold to properly venture out into. Nevertheless I had so much fun!

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Coastal town girl

hoodie: datura / shorts: primark / trainers: new look

I got bored after a few hours of reading on the beach, so we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening taking a casual stroll along the coast. It got cool enough for me to wear my datura hoodie and a pair of shorts, which is one of my favourite casual gyaru outfits for spring.

The garden of Eden

vest: new look / skirt: boohoo / trainers: new look / accessories: new look / belt: new look

I had the perfect outfit for when we went to the Eden project but I had to ditch it last minute because there was no way in hell I was going to wear thigh high boots and a high neck top in the intense heat. Instead I opted for a more simple outfit, with a zebra print skirt and earrings for those strong gyaru vibes. I felt my makeup sliding off my face when we got to the rainforest biome to we tried to take as many pics as possible during the first few minutes before enjoying the rest of the walk through the tropical plants.

What do you think of my gyaru outfits that I wore during my holiday in Cornwall?
Which one is your favourite?

Lizzie xx

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