Mini review ☆ cosrx pimple patch

My spots have been so bad lately do But luckily I have some spot patches that I bought a while back that I totally forgot about

Here’s what the spot on my chin looks like. It feels worse than it looks – it’s so sore

These are what the patches look like! They’re like super sticky plasters.

They’re super clear though. You probs wouldn’t have been able to tell that I’m wearing one if it wasn’t for my clumsy hands! It did sting a little initially but other than that, I totally forgot I had it on

This was 5 hours after applying.

And this was in the evening – it didn’t budge for the whole day!

I’m gonna keep wearing it and shall see what happens!

But so far so good – I even wore one when I was in the shower as I forgot I had it on, and it stayed on!

Plus I haven’t had any reactions to it yet so we shall see!

What do you think?

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