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Tucking into the Vegan Menu at Cosy Club

Disclaimer: This is a review of my complimentary vegan meal at Cosy Club Coventry.

We were sitting at the Cosy Club in Coventry, and I realised that I had been staring at a painting for at least a minute before I slipped out of my daydream. It was our second time being invited to try out a new menu, the first being at Christmas, and this time we were trying out their new vegan menu in celebration of Veganuary. I had just devoured my starter – ciabatta that I dipped heavily into olive oil and vinegar – and I was ready for my Vegan BLT. It sounded quite promising and I was looking forward to not having to pick off the fat from meat (yep, I am a huge nightmare when it comes to eating meat). I was in such a deep conversation with my hubby that I didn’t notice the waitress arrive with our platters of food, and my brain froze as she laid out the food in front of me.

Oh, Lizzie, you ordered a sandwich. You absolute tw*t.

The Mains

I waited until the waitress was out of sight before I let all hell break loose in my brain. How could I have forgotten that a BLT was a sandwich?! I am not sandwiches’ biggest fan and for a few moments I didn’t know what to do. My hubby was already tucking into his Thai green curry, blissfully unaware, so I started to inwardly list the positive things about this: firstly, I didn’t have to worry about picking off all of the fat; secondly, it was a massive portion and I was very hungry; and thirdly, it looked pretty yummy. So I swallowed my pride with a mouthful of toasted bread.

And you know what? It wasn’t so bad after all.

I had another mouthful, and another, before I decided that, as sandwiches go, this was pretty good. I gave a bit to my hubby and he inhaled it in a hot second before I could even say another word. He agreed with me that it was nice (which is saying something for an avid meat lover) but felt that it needed a bit more flavour. His Thai green curry, on the other hand, was amazing. I had one of those moments where it was quite spicy for me but I didn’t care, I just wanted to carry on eating, and if it wasn’t for him batting my hand away I would’ve eaten the rest of his food.

Vegan BLT – Toasted triple-decker layered with fake bacon, lettuce, tomato and vegan mayo with fries (you could get a salad with it instead if you preferred)
Thai Green Vegetable Curry – With coconut + coriander rice, spring rolls and sweet chilli dipping sauce

The Dessert

The dessert in the form of a chocolate + orange torte, with a swirl of raspberry sauce next to it. My mouth fell open as I eyed up the thick, smooth chocolate. Despite this, the dessert wasn’t at all heavy nor too chocolately! In fact – I actually preferred this vegan version much more than I do normal chocolate pudding!

My final thoughts…

What I love about the vegan menu at Cosy Club was that there was quite a lot of choice for the mains, and I really hope that this will be added to their existing menu especially now that people are more mindful of what they eat. The Vegan BLT wasn’t my thing but my hubby liked it, and I really enjoyed his Thai Green Vegetable Curry. The Chocolate + Orange Torte was lush but I really wished that there were more dessert options!

As always (and I can happily say this as we regularly go to Cosy Club) the service in Cosy Club Coventry was spectacular and shoutout to the lovely deputy manager who came over to chat with us!

Have you done Veganuary this year? What were your thoughts?

Lizzie xx

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